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but I can't get it to install in Pharo.

Morphic tool:

"World exploreViewHierarchy" opens a browser that shows the Morph based windows that are open, and you can dig into them for Morph-based details. Note, the tool does not update if you add more windows. Use right-click 'Flash' to find specific parts. If you 'explore' that bit, you can see the values assigned to the properties (including those set by code). If you 'inspect' it, you can see the values, and use the mini-workspace at the bottom to change values, provided there is an accessor.

For example, say you are looking at a LabelMorph in an inspector. One of the properties of a "LabelMorph" is color, and in this case, the inspector shows 'Color black' as the value for this particular morph. LabelMorph allows access through color:. Type 'self color: Color green' in the mini-workspace at the bottom, and DoIt. The color of the LabelMorph in the open window will change to green.

Note: You need to open whatever it is you want to explore before doing "World exploreViewHierarchy".

Morph GUI examples:

  • UITheme exampleBasicControls.
  • UITheme exampleColorControls.
  • UITheme exampleDialogs.
  • UITheme exampleGroups.
  • UITheme exampleOtherControls.
  • UITheme exampleWindowWithToolbars.

One of the big hurdles with Morph is the lack of explanation of the variables. Variables are slots that hold state. Here's an example (which is a bit better than average) PluggableButtonMorph

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