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A PluggableButtonMorph (subclass of AlignmentMorph) has all these instance variables: I have put in BOLD the ones that have explanations.

 model label getStateSelector
 actionSelector getLabelSelector
 getMenuSelector shortcutCharacter
 askBeforeChanging triggerOnMouseDown
 offColor onColor feedbackColor showSelectionFeedback allButtons
 arguments argumentsProvider
 argumentsSelector gradientLook enabled actionBlock
 getColorSelector getEnabledSelector 

Here are the notes on this class:

 A PluggableButtonMorph is a combination of an indicator for a boolean value
 stored in its model and an action button. The action of a button is often,
 but not always, to toggle the boolean value that it shows. Its pluggable
 selectors are:

 getStateSelector       fetch a boolean value from the model
 actionSelector         invoke this button's action on the model
 getLabelSelector       fetch this button's lable from the model
 getMenuSelector        fetch a pop-up menu for this button from the model

 Any of the above selectors can be nil, meaning that the model does not
 supply behavior for the given action, and the default behavior should be
 used. For example, if getStateSelector is nil, then this button shows the
 state of a read-only boolean that is always false.

 The model informs its view(s) of changes by sending #changed: to itself
 with getStateSelector as a parameter. The view tells the model when the
 button is pressed by sending actionSelector.

 If the actionSelector takes one or more arguments, then the following are

  arguments           A list of arguments to provide when the actionSelector 
                      is called.
  argumentsProvider   The object that is sent the argumentSelector to obtain 
                      arguments, if dynamic
  argumentsSelector   The message sent to the argumentProvider to obtain the 

  askBeforeChanging   have model ask user before allowing a change that 
                      could lose edits
  triggerOnMouseDown  do this button's action on mouse down (vs. up) 
  shortcutCharacter   a place to record an optional shortcut key
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Page last modified on April 24, 2011, at 02:44 PM